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We are pleased to walk your pup when your busy life takes you anywhere but home. Just tell us what your dog loves to do and we promise to keep them busy.

Our goal is to make sure your dog always has an amazing day!


Midday Dog Walking

We offer 30-minute and 60-minute walks, and we only service one household at a time so your pet will get the extra special care they deserve.

All visits are tailored to your dog’s specific needs. During each visit, we promise to:

  • Walk your dog in your neighborhood

  • Shower your dog with attention and affection

  • Make sure they get plenty of exercise

  • Refresh your dog’s food and/or water bowls

  • Administer any medications (we currently do not administer shots)

  • Dry off with a towel on wet days

  • Check paws on snowy days

  • Clean up any mess or waste that your dog makes during our visit

  • Provide you with a pupdate highlighting the day’s events and times when your dog went to the bathroom

  • Leave your dog happy and tired until you get home!


Dog walking rates begin at $20/walk

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Puppy Visits

Bringing a new puppy home is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

Let us help you get through the period where your puppy is too young for outside walks but needs someone to stop by to feed them, clean up any accidents and work off some energy.

We will work with you and your growing family to find a schedule that caters to your work day and lifestyle. Most importantly, we’ll be sure to give them tons of kisses and cuddles along the way!

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For puppies ages 8 - 16 weeks, we recommend two visits a day (late-morning and mid-afternoon) that include feeding, refreshing water (puppies tend to spill it) potty break, cleaning up messes, replenishing puppy pads, social interaction, and playtime (inside playtime until all puppy vaccinations are completed).

$200 a week and includes
up to 10 visits per week

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For puppies older than 16 weeks, we recommend one midday visit that includes feeding, refreshing water, potty break, cleaning up messes, replenishing puppy pads, social interaction, playtime and beginning leash training.

$100 a week and includes
up to 5 visits per week


If you would prefer a more customized program or want to book occasional visits, just let us know!


Service Availability and Areas

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Southeast Portland

Southeast Portland


South Waterfront

Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego

West Linn

West Linn