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We get have a huge to-do list and there are never enough hours in the day.

No need to rush home from work or take the day off, we are here to help with your fur baby’s next trip to the vet, groomer, doggy day care, or wherever
they need to go.




Some things to keep in mind prior to
scheduling transportation with us:

  • Our vehicle is only able to accommodate furry companions, not owners.

  • Service is available Monday - Friday within a ten-mile radius of your home. Additional fees will apply if outside of ten-mile radius.

  • All cats and small to medium size dogs will be transported in a crate or a secured booster seat.

  • Large breed dogs must be calm while traveling in the car; a special harness to secure them to the seatbelt is encouraged but not required.

  • Giant breed and some large breed dogs may not qualify for this service due to the size of the vehicle transporting them.

  • Arrangements must be made with the business to grant us permission to pick up and/or drop off your pet prior to the appointment.

  • Payment arrangements must be made in advance. We are unable to pay for your pet’s services and in some cases failure to settle the bill before pickup could result in delay or inability for us to retrieve your pet.

  • Transportation is for non-emergency situations only.